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Madison Consultation Process –
6 Easy, Tailor Made Steps

1. Consultation & Discovery

The first step is for us to go over your current electricity bills with you to find your current usage. Our Consultants will also discuss at what time of day your usage is at its peak and during each season, then advise on ways of making the most from a PV system. You will be asked whether you would like to reduce your bills, cancel them out entirely, or earn money from the system and your motivations for going Solar.

We will then take a look at your home through our satellite systems. We can assess the best size system that can
be fitted, to the most productive side of your house or property, we’ll also discuss features of your home,
i.e. the type of roofing materials you have, to make sure our quotes are 100% accurate.

Our Consultants will then produce a detailed quotation for you on the best possible system for your property,
consumption, lifestyle and investment – with a Madison Quotation there are no hidden extras or costs,
unlike many other installers.


2. Design & Paperwork

Once a system has been agreed with you. Our consultants will pass your details to our Clean Energy Council certified Technical Designers. The Designers will make sure that your chosen system meets all the relevant Australian standards and because each house is different, we make sure that your chosen system will work specifically for your house.

We will then produce all necessary paperwork for the Government solar credit scheme, which provides funding 
when you generate solar power. These offset the cost of your solar installation, and make your system so affordable.


3. Co-ordination

Our Designers then pass your information to our co-ordinators, they will work with you and our
install teams to set a date for your install and make sure all products and parts are ready for the
install date.

We will ensure that your grid connect application has been filled in with all the correct technical information and submitted. This means that your System is Government approved and the System can be connected to the grid, after install. All you have to do is sign these forms, we do the rest
for you.


4. Installation

Our install teams will come to your property on the pre-arranged date and time. Firstly they will discuss the system with you to make sure everything is exactly as you wanted. They will be there to answer any questions you may have and also discuss with you the best place to mount the Inverter – in a place that is secure, aesthetically pleasing, but that you have easy access to so you can track the Systems performance.

Then we place the cables, rails, Panels and lastly the Inverter. This can take between 3 hours and a full day, depending on your System size and complexity of your property. Then we go over the finalised paperwork with you and brief you on the next stage…


5. Inspection & Certificate of Electrical Safety (CES)

ACT & VIC customers only – We will organize for a government inspector to visit your property to check the system has been installed correctly, and that all paperwork is correct, typically this occurs within 1-3 business days of your installation. We will leave all documentation needed with you or in your electricity meter, usually you do not need to be at home for the inspection. Your system will then move to the ‘Grid Connect’ stage. 


6. Meter Upgrade/Re-Programming & Grid-Connection

We will liaise with the electricity wholesaler/distributor in your region on your behalf saving you time and hassle. A meter re-programming or replacement meter will be required to handle bi-directional flows to enable both importing and exporting electricity to the grid. This process can vary depending on your region, however typically allow 2-6 weeks post system installation.



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