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Enphase – Technology changes everything.

The leader in Microinverter technology brings you simpler, smarter solar. The Enphase System connects each solar panel to a Microinverter and monitors them through intelligent, web-based software.


It’s a system that allows:

• Each panel to operate independently


• Remote monitoring and troubleshooting


• Maximum design flexibility based on standard AC wiring

The result is a significant improvement in energy production, reliability, and safety — and a faster return on your solar investment..


More power means lower energy bills

Traditional inverters operate at the level of the lowest-performing panel, so a little shade, dust or debris can have a huge effect on production – and your energy bill. Enphase Microinverters allow panels to operate independently, increasing performance even in the low light of morning, evening, or cloudy days.


Long-term reliability

Enphase Microinverters are the result of a highly refined design and testing process pioneered by the industry leader in microinverter technology. With that comes the confidence to offer industry-leading reliability and 10 Year Warranty.


Faster return on your investment

With Enphase, your system is always running at maximum efficiency, giving you more power for your money. Rest assured knowing Enlighten monitoring software makes it easy for solar professionals to identify and resolve issues, maximising system performance and delivering a faster return on your investment.


Safer to install and own

Single-point inverter systems utilise high-voltage DC wiring, Enphase Microinverters use low-voltage AC wiring, significantly reducing the risks of injury.


Take control of your Solar System with MyEnlighten

MyEnlighten is your online connection to system performance through an engaging, easy-to-use interface that you can customise with your own photos and text. You can access MyEnlighten through your PC, tablet or smartphone and use it to keep track of your investment:

  • Verify system health and performance at-a-glance
  • View energy production by month, day or hour
  • Analyse performance against historical weather data
  • Share system performance on Twitter or Facebook


Download Enphase Brochure

Download Enphase M215 Specifications

Download Enphase Envoy Specifications

Download Enphase Warranty Information


Enphase Quick Facts


How it Works

Installed beneath each solar panel, Enphase Microinverters maximise energy production and convert DC power into low-voltage AC electricity. They offer greater design flexibility to fit on different roof planes and multiple buildings.


Envoy® Communications Gateway

The Envoy acts as a messenger between your microinverters and Enlighten software, collecting energy production data over your home’s electrical wiring and sending the data through your Internet router to Enphase’s data centres.


Enlighten® Software

Solar professionals use Enlighten Software to remotely monitor, manage, and troubleshoot your system 24 hours a day from any PC, tablet, or smartphone. You can use MyEnlighten, a user-friendly version of the software, to keep track of energy production.


Largest MicroInverter Manufacturer

5 millionth microinverter recently shipped, which makes Enphase 10 times bigger than the next biggest competitor.


Data Collection / Quality Control

400GB of data collected daily from 155,000 systems (rising every day) worldwide through the Enlighten Software, therefore any defects are immediately known about and can be sent back to the R & D teams.


See it Live!

Look at active public systems working in your area by clicking here.


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