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Turning Sunlight Into Electricity

Solar cells are connected to form solar modules for a high-performance and efficient solar array. Several of these modules are combined and installed on your roof with mounting systems. The direct current generated by the solar module is converted into alternating current by a power inverter and can be utilized directly, stored in batteries or sold back into the grid.


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Why go Solar Now?

• Household energy use is on the rise, as are energy prices.

• The major electricity retailers have announced their energy price rises for 2013/14, with increases of between 9-19%.

• Solar power will reduce or cancel out your electricity bill, earn you money for extra electricity sold back to the grid and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

• The first important step is to speak with one of our Energy Experts who will give you a detailed and free assessment of your home and business properties.

Call us today and see what you can save in cash terms and also minimising your carbon footprint.

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