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Use it. Store it. Sell it. Save.

With the Redback Smart Hybrid System, you’ve got options. Its advanced hybrid technology with battery manages and stores solar energy, which you can save for your own personal use or sell back to grid. Your choice. Either way, you’ll save on your power bills and use more of what you generate.

Our mission: to create a solar inverter system fit for this day and age – at a price point accessible to all that would last, perform, look the part and change the game.

The Redback team developed an exciting prototype and partnered with a forward-thinking Chinese manufacturing firm known for its high-quality output.

That’s how we are able to offer a premium solar product for around half of the cost of comparable European systems.


Designer looks. Eco cred.
 Accessible to all.


That’s the Redback Smart Hybrid System


Advanced hybrid technology maximises renewable energy consumption at home.

PLUS it looks good, is cheaper than you think and will save you in the long run.

Why hybrid?

Traditional solar inverter systems have zero capacity for storage, so a fair amount of the energy  you generated is lost. With none in reserve, you had no choice but to source the rest from the grid.

With a Redback Solar System, you’ve got options. Its advanced hybrid functionality manages and stores energy, which you can save for your own personal use or sell back to grid

How it works

In both graphs, the black line is your home energy use.

Graph 1: what happens without a battery

  • In yellow, we have the solar energy you use
  • Red is the solar energy you produce but never get a chance to use
  • Grey is when you have to source from the grid to power your home

Graph 2: how you’re looking with the Redback Solar Inverter System


The colours are as above, except…

  • In Green, the battery is powering your home!
  • Blue is the energy used to charge the battery


So it’s all yours

Notice how there’s no grey section in Graph 2. That’s right, if you have a large enough battery system, you won’t need to import energy from the grid. No matter what the size is of your battery, you will use significantly more of what you generate.



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